Our new concept

22 years of experience

Our long-term experience in running an art gallery enables us to identify artists with great potential. Instead of relying on short-term trends, we carefully selected the artwork according to our principles. In our opinion, contemporary art needs to be original and of high quality. Furthermore, each artwork is selected personally at the artist’s atelier and directly imported. Only this way, the success of a gallery can be maintained.

We presented art from our artist in our galleries, at art fairs, but also at special art events. Each form of exhibition had its very special style. Despite our success, we now believe that art galleries need to adapt to a more modern and flexible infrastructure.

Show-room in Pfäffikon SZ

We are pleased to offer our clients a very special opportunity to visit our show-room in Pfäffikon SZ to get a closer look at our artwork at your leisure.

Just let us know in advance when you would like to visit us and we would be delighted to present you with a selection of paintings according to your wishes. In a private environment, without any pressure or obligation.

You will find reserved parking lots in front of the building. The train station of Pfäffikon SZ can be reached by foot within 10 Minutes.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Flexible Gallery

As you can imagine, running an art gallery at a fixed location throughout the entire year, is very cost intensive. Apart from the highlights such as vernissages and private shows, most of the art galleries are not frequently visited.

That is the reason why we decided to change our concept and bring our art even closer to you. We will still exhibit our artists in special shows, but in exclusive locations throughout the country. Apart from these events, our entire collection is always visible on this website. Simply have a look behind the curtain!

If you fall in love with a painting or a sculpture, just let us know and we will get back to you quickly. We can even present you the selected art in our show-room or directly at your home/office and you will see how it looks like at the foreseen spot. This service is free of charge and has no obligations.

Close relation-ship and working-together with our artists

Over the last years we have been building up a close relationship with our artists. Full trust ensures non-bureaucratic teamwork. Consistency and sustainability are very important to us. That’s why we keep our group of artists small but powerful!

Have a look behind the curtain

We strongly believe that collecting high quality art is a good investment. Therefore we maintain a special art collection and are able to offer you art from different artist throughout the year. If you are interested, have a look behind the curtain at our art collection.

Each special piece of art at its perfect spot

Clients highly appreciate the possibility to select several pieces at a private show or on the website and „try“ them at their place to see which paintings or sculptures would fit best!

When presenting these paintings of sculptures to you, we often discover, that the foreseen spot might not be the best. We are happy to support and help you in finding the perfect place for your artwork.

These services are free of charge.

Special events

If you want to create a special atmosphere at your event (e.g., business anniversary), we are happy to support and provide extraordinary art. This will change your event into a unique and unforgettable festivity.